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Available Now:

Climate of Fear – Clebs – Feed Me Gently feat. Eartheater Remix – FEAR004
Forbidden Planet – DJ Loser – Illusion Hunt – FP018

Ilian Tape Beat Series – Sustrapperazzi – Return From Shibuya – ITBS003

Lunar Disko – Leonid – Namurian Phase EP – LDR_25

RFR – Generali Minerali / RNBWS – BETON EP – RFR016 (repress)

RFR – Jichael Mackson – Flat Moon Society EP – RFR018

Shot of T – PST – Understanding The Sun – SOT06

Strictly Strictly – Varum – Vigilance – STRICT007

Vala – Kaspiann, Multicast Dynamics – VALA 1 – VALA001

WSNWG – Vril & Rødhåd – Presents Out Of Place Artefacs – WSNWG005 (repress)

WSNWG – Rene Wise & Rødhåd – WSNWG007 – WSNWG007 (repress)

WSNWG – Fadi Mohem & Rødhåd – WSNWG008 – WSNWG008

Pre Sale:

Brutaż – Prarhamansah – Prarhamansah – BRUTAZLP-03

Ilian Tape – re:ni – Revenge Body – ITX023

Liquid Sky Artistcollective – 10 Cars – Harmony Stranger – LSB27.009

Lunar Disko – Heinrich Dressel – Promenade – LDR_26

Lunar Disko – Lerosa – Trust EP – LDR_27

Pomelo – Vedelius – The Crypt – POM48

Available Now

Climate of Fear – Clebs – Feed Me Gently feat Eartheater Remix – FEAR 004

For its first standalone release of 2021, Climate of Fear is proud to announce the debut album by NYC avant punk duo Clebs, aka Jason Nazary & Emilie Weibel. “Feed Me Gently” is one of those works that hits out of nowhere: a collection of songs so finely honed and unflinchingly unique it’s hard to believe this is the group’s first outing. Opening with “Negative Space,” the duo pull a deadly fakeout, with gurgling, saliva drenched musique concrète suddenly dive bombing into a ricocheting, noise-encrusted panic attack. Seasoned with trace amounts of 90’s electronica, Weibel’s atomized vocal work and Nazary’s careening drumwork set the tone for the rest of the album. “Feed Me Gently” draws its power from the tension between its snarling aggression and its eerily calm sensuality, with Weibel’s poetic incantations and choked birdsong weaving around melted synth lines, jazzy interludes and brutally deconstructed percussion. A deeply strange, fully formed soundworld, “Feed Me Gently” invites you to bask in its eerily sensual violence.

Take a look at the release and info here
Forbidden Planet – DJ Loser – Illusion Hunt – FP018

Following seminal releases on Novi Svijet, Veyl and Live Adult Entertainment, DJ Loser makes his Forbidden Planet debut with “Illusion Hunt” an album of killer rave, trance and techno cuts in his signature style. 

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, Dj Loser has had a significant impact on the international underground scene as a key figure in the modern revival of a darker, more hardcore techno sound. Unsurprisingly, his releases on Live Adult Entertainment are almost impossible to get your hands on. 

The album itself features nine tracks which range from jacking trance & techno (e.g. Bad Standard, End of Hypnosis) to hip-hop/dnb inspired cuts (Illusion Hunt) and even ethereal soundscapes (Godknights Stigma, Synethesia Symptom). 

This is a release you won’t want to miss. 

Take a look at the release and info here

Ilian Tape Beat Series – Sustrapperazzi – Return From Shibuya – ITBS003

Hailing from Hastings, England, Sustrapperazzi joins the Ilian Beat Series with a dope fonka of a 12“.

Take a at the release and info here

Lunar Disko – Leonid – Namurian Phase EP – LDR_25

LDR returns with another of our favourite artists joining the roster at Lunar Disko. Waterford native Leonid delivers a rare EP, crafted as always with methodical depth and warmth.

A 5 track journey of emotive electronics and machine soul, evolving into another timeless masterpiece from Leonid.

Take a look at the release and info here

RFR – Generali Minerali / RNBWS – BETON EP – RFR016 (repress)

Cross-border wiring in the studio for the new RFR release! Russia and Georgia share their musical conscience and deliver a fine split EP for cat. no. 16. RNBWS just recently caused a sensation with new tracks on RFR, and we already know Generali Minerali from his first release for RFR X. So now it’s about to time to melt their creative spirit into a collective EP on vinyl.

Generali Minerali and his army occupy the a-side. “Generation of Mars” is musical terraforming in its purest form. Minimally crafted electro, a shot of acid and well-placed melodic patterns are the main ingredients for a magnificent opener. “Dry Water” sticks with the electro leitmotiv. Compared to the A1 we find a closer reference to the dance floor, meandering scanner sounds and a snare, that keeps slapping constantly. This is how we like it!

On the b-side RNBWS carry on where Generali Minerali and his troops had left the battlefield. “Galaxy” opens the doors to an interplanetary round dance, the place where mind and body join together in the sense of classic electro. “Nothing but Hardcore” needs no further explanation. UK hardcore in its most beautiful garments, which is so characteristic for RNBWS’ tracks. Interwoven by electro elements, who get to the heart of this EP in terms of stringency.

Take a look at the release and info here 
RFR – Jichael Mackson – Flat Moon Society EP – RFR018
Yep people, you’ve got us right. While many of us are still looking for traces of lizard people  wandering over a flat earth, your favourite producer’s favourite producer has already boarded his  space vehicle in the direction of moon, closely observing our mediocre attempts to enrich our  earthly existence. 

Magician Jichael Mackson opens his bag, presenting the signature sound he’s so famous and  respected for. Deep and bass driven grooves, perfectly layered on top of each other like damask  steel. In order to enjoy this masterpiece, we recommend to snort a big line of that “Digital Dust”. 

Family Biz” is taking a more laidback and broken beat direction. Dense percussions, intricate  harmonies and a lot of soul and jazz vibes are hidden in this gem. Best to be discovered with your  friends and loved ones on a sunny day beneath a shady tree, enjoying a couple of glasses while  waiting for the sunset. Geez, this is so damn gorgeous.  

ATH” ends this formidable EP. Again, no club inspired vibes (cos clubs are closed anyway, right?)  pulsating out Mackson’s snyths, instead a more abstract broken beat crawling into our ears. Eerie  sound modulations and creepy acid – lovers of DJ Krush’s older works might fall in love with this. 

Take a look at the release and info here 
Shot Of T – PST – Understanding The Sun – SOT06

Pleasure of frequency vibration from start to the end. Pure analog sound waves by Porn Sword Tobacco. In addition, possibility of mixing up together with anything Deeeejay friendly.

Produced, mastered,
cut and pressed
all in Germany

Take a look at the release and info here
Strictly Strictly – Varum – Vigilance – STRICT007
Varum delivers a massive hybrid of vehemence and thoughtfulness with his six-track-release Vigilance on Strictly Strictly. Side A pushes with wild blend of trancey breakbeat escapades including a big room flavored remix by Almaty, a full series of uncompromising uplifters. Side B contrasts with forceful Electro pensiveness, accompanied with a nailing Mell G remix. High prio for vigilance!
Take a look at the release and info here 
Vala – Kaspiann, Multicast Dynamics – VALA 1 – VALA001
The first release in Vala series is pieced together by Kaspiann and Samuel van Dijk with his Multicast Dynamics and Mohlao aliases. Characterised by melancholic melodies and ethereal pads combined with hefty rolling bass, the EP is a diverse four tracker that seeks to take its listener on a trance-like voyage to those fleeting moments of euphoria. Originating from the north, Vala is a manifestation of the profound feelings of the gloomy but wistful polar nights. 

Take a look at the release and info here 
WSNWG005 – Vril & Rødhåd – Presents Out Of Place Artefacs – WSNWG005 (repress)

Strange anomalies are scattered throughout the world. Things that could not possibly belong to the time period or place in which they were found. These so called out of place artifacts baffle historians & archaeologists up until today and have inspired producers Vril & Rødhåd to write a collaborative concept album.

As a result the two producers got together in the studio with the idea to subvert the expectations of their previous work. They experimented over two sessions in 2018 and 2019, resulting in a record showcasing a different palette of sounds and tempo. 

The album is suited for deep listening and exploring aforementioned concepts or introspection in general. A mystic tone is set from the start, and grips the listener throughout the whole run time. Each track encapsulates this notion in its own unique form, blending sonic ambience and complex beats that reaches spectral heights. 

Both producer’s styles shine individually, but the collaboration achieves something greater than the sum of its parts.

Take a look at the release and info here 
WSNWG – Rene Wise & Rødhåd – WSNWG007 – WSNWG007 (repress)

For the most recent collaborative release curated by WSNWG, label head Rødhåd invited young, Brighton-based breakthrough producer and DJ Rene Wise to his studio for a week-long jam session in 2019. The end result is four driving, hypnotic Techno tracks with a swinging groove and 90s-inspired percussion. Made for the club, they build up tension and captivate listeners with rolling baselines, funky rhythms and mystical melodies.

Take a look at the release and info here 

WSNWG – Fadi Mohem & Rødhåd – WSNWG008 – WSNWG008

For WSNWG’s upcoming chapter, label head Rødhåd joins forces with DJ, producer and Sound Engineer Fadi Mohem.

This mesmerizing four-track EP was recorded in the magical afterglow of a jam session at Speedy J’s STOOR LAB back in April. The energy from the session is directly translated into the recording, a collection of powerful techno cuts amplified by cinematic sound design.

Take a look at the release and info here 

Pre Sale
Brutaż – Prarhamansah – Prarhamansah - BRUTAZLP-03

An afterimage of a free party in Carpathian forest. First, intransigent kicks and psy-vibe that does go deep enough – slowly and sharply. Then, an overwhelming softness and progression (watch out for the looong, quiet breakdown!), acid joined by an acoustic guitar that somehow works, as well as a little bit of triggering story-telling to wrap it all up.  

This is a re-master and reapplication of ultra-limited Thracian CD-R from 2003. Originialy given away in Lukovit, Lovech Province, Bulgaria. It’s a 3rd part of Brutaż expedition into the chillout zone of 90s Eastern Europe. Look out for more, maybe? 

Re-mastered and cut on 45 RPM by Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering 

Design by Aleksandra Grünholz (Studio Chaotyczne)

Take a look at the release and info here

Ilian Tape - re:ni - Revenge Body - ITX023

Alien Invasion Welcome Rave

Take a look at the release and info here

Liquid Sky Artistcollective – 10cars – Harmony Stranger – lsb27.009

„Harmony Stranger“ is the first 12“ from the upcoming 10cars album „Sachtleben“.

Deep warm sexy & phunky electronic music made in berlin.
Perfect for clubplay, afterhours, lounge- and radioplay.

10cars – with the real name Carsten Thorwald – is a Berlin based multimedia artist who always manages to create entertaining, believable miniature soundtracks in the field of tension between psychedelic hypnotic underground club culture and intimate listening.

This EP release features 2 remixes by the Liquid Sky Artistcollective members Mijk van Dijk (Berlin) and Svensyntetics (Munich).

Take a look at the release and info here

Lunar Disko – Heinrich Dressel – Promenade – LDR_26
Lunar Disko is delighted to present a new release from cult soundtrack producer, Heinrich Dressel.
Five tracks of synthesizer beauty from a master of the modern Giallo electronic sound. 
Perfection... for your late-night promenade excursion.

Take a look at the release and info here
Lunar Disko – Lerosa – Trust EP – LDR_27
The man like Lerosa returns to LDR with more electronic synth goodness for the masses.

The multiform of sounds from Lerosa is presented on this 6 track EP, 
which ranges from dark and moody electro soundscapes to electro bangers for the floor! 
An essential 12" for your collection.... but who can you trust?

Take a look at the release and info here
Pomelo – Vedelius – The Crypt – POM48

Newest addition to Pomelo is Spanish talent Vedelius, who delivers the late night burner “The Crypt”. The EP comes with three inventive and floor ready remixes by the likes of Phosphene, Lodig/Dibek and Lok44 – a rolling breakbeat version by Phosphene, jacking techno by Lodig/Dibek and a dubbed out Electro-Techno stepper by Lok44. 

Take a look at the release and info here

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