Alex Cortex
Kihon LP


Focused on psychedelic immersion into sound
that shifts the attention from the artist to the music


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15 years have passed since Alex Cortex began to create
his own vision of electronic music – timeless and beyond
trends, without a buzz or hype, steadily winning the
following of DJs and home-listeners, collectors and critics
worldwide. His style can be described as unpredictable to
a certain point, while maintaining high aesthetic
standards; playful with quotes and references, always
low-key and focused on psychedelic immersion into sound
that shifts the attention from the artist to the music.
‘Kihon’ is a very personal effort, as suggested by the
self-portrait on the cover that puts ear, eye, and mouth
-reception and production- into context. The carefully
elaborated design of this gatefold double LP speaks as a
whole and in true minimalist fashion about the passing of
time, without ever declaring nostalgia to be a means for
itself. This also reflects in the music.
Alex Cortex evades large gestures and obvious quotes,
but is certainly conscious of locating his album within a
framework of references to other works of electronic
music that are important for his own musical evolution. In
11 nameless tracks, ‘Kihon’ takes us on a journey through
organic worlds of sound that invites us to flow with the
music and connect with the feelings contained in it.
The title ‘Kihon’ that relates to Japanese martial arts
translates to ‘basics’ or ‘fundamentals’, the training of
which does not even cease when reaching master grades.
Those basics that are passed on beyond time are also the
foundation of this album. By concentrating on the bare
essentials, the music begins to speak, turning the album
into a harmonic whole. ‘Kihon’ therefore is also a return to
listening, away from a utilitarian perception of music as a
background sound.
This does not mean it would not work perfectly well in a
club context -in the right hands it indeed does- but more
notably, ‘Kihon’ is a work of art worth your attention and
destined to stand the test of time.
– ‘Kihon’ receives support by many great artists, including: Brendon Moeller, Axel Boman, Electric Indigo, Magda, DJ Stingray, Patrick Pulsinger, among many others…
„full support“ Lopazz
„sounds great!“ Cosmo Vitelli
„Love the record. Alex is a favorite of mine, and the album doesn’t disappoint. It covers his many competent styles.“ Sam Valenti IV (Ghostly Intl.)
„Super album !! i like!“ Sebo K
„Súper“ Angel Molina
„test of time should be no problem for this album, for sure
a1, a2, b3 are amazing and the emotive c1 broke my heart – amazing feeling“ The Model
„What a amazing album!“ Dario Zenker
„one of the finest albums of the year and one of the best techno albums in a long time“ DJ Glow (Trust)
„really great“ / Magda
„sounds amazing!” Axel Boman
„ Totally loving it.“ DJ Flush (Killekill)

Release Info
Title Kihon LP
Artist Alex Cortex
Label Pomelo
Cat.-No. POM27
Format 2LP
Condition New

Specification: Kihon LP

Weight 500 g
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