Audun Kleive & Jan Bang
The Periphery of a Building


Between extended jazz and the dance floor through a four track LP.


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Listing somewhere between the cognitive and the corporeal comes the third release from Gratone.“The Periphery of a Building”, a live remix work featuring long-time collaborators Audun Kleive on percussion and Jan Bang on live sampling sees the young Norwegian label expound on the territories between extended jazz and the dance floor through a four track LP.
Veterans Audun Kleive and Jan Bang tap into something innate that moves perpendicular to the techno ethos perpetuated by the label’s previous releases.
“The Periphery of a Building”, is a work that brings the past into the present and draws a red thread between genres. It juxtaposes disparate ideas between the dance floor and jazz, and ensnares itself in the tangled web of tradition and progress in a bold indefnable musical dialect. Upholding the ethos of Gratone by negating expectation “Periphery of a Building” also calls in a new era for the young, but fertile label.
“Periphery of a Building” is Kleive and Bang reconsidering live Punkt remixes* of Etenesh Wassie & Mathieu Sourisseau, AtomTM and Clarinet Factory & Floex. In their selection of source material for the Gratone LP, they eradicate, and then reconstruct tradition.

*The Punkt live remix concept puts third-party musicians, producers and composers in a real-time remix situation during a Punkt festival live show.

Fiona Talkington:
Stian Balducci’s Gratone (grey tone) label inhabits an exquisite genre-defying world.The latest release features two of Norway’s legendary, pioneering musicians, live sampling guru and co-director of the globally acclaimed Punkt Festival Jan Bang, and Audun Kleive, a musician whose work over the decades has repositioned the language of drumming. Together they forge an exquisite, adventurous path, as delicate as chamber music, as powerful as rock, and engage with samples with respect, a spirit of adventure and a creative vision which is simply inspiring.

Limited 180gram vinyl in hand stamped recycled cardboard jackets with silkscreen print. 

Release Info
Title The Periphery of a Building
Artist Audun Kleive & Jan Bang
Label Gråtone
Cat.-No. GRTN-03
Format LP
Condition New

Specification: The Periphery of a Building

Weight 250 g
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