Bad Cop Bad Cop
Wings of Techno LP


Deeply rooted in early to mid-nineties techno, house, and electronica.


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Bad Cop Bad Cop are underground veteran Alex Cortex (XX Badcop) and glam-tech-hero Lopazz (ZZ Badcop), both well-established producers and performers for many years with top-credentials on smaller and bigger imprints alike. So different they are in their respective solo-projects, so indistinguishably they melt their unique visions into one flow of effervescent creativity when they hit the studio or stage together.
Bad Cop Bad Cop’s music is deeply rooted in early to mid-nineties techno, house, and electronica but at the same time peeps through wormholes into the future. Their music encompasses many styles beyond electronic music without ever losing its focus on the dancefloor. Driving, roaring, epic, and cosmic are all apt descriptions of their sound, but so would be jacking, funny, surreal and -above all- alien. A typical trip to Bad-Cop-Land is a full on crash through a psychedelic wall of sound that has to be experienced rather than understood.
Celia Green once wrote “astonishment is the only realistic emotion”. When listening to one of Bad Cop Bad Cop’s records or seeing them in concert be prepared for a good package of that, as they have made it their trademark to surprise their audiences and to lure them into otherworldly and mind-bending audio-stories.
Now, the ever-reliable Pomelo label brings you Bad Cop Bad Cop’s debut album “Wings of Techno”. It’s a trippy puzzle of styles and moods that blends the most absurdly divergent tracks effortlessly into one coherent piece of intriguing musicality. Home-listeners will cherish it for its completeness while DJs will love the surplus value of this package. Bad Cop Bad Cop certainly show us that variety still goes a long way. Here’s where the wings come into play and take you, the listener, where you want to go.

Release Info
Title Wings of Techno LP
Artist Bad Cop Bad Cop
Label Pomelo
Cat.-No. POM32
Format 2LP
Condition New

Specification: Wings of Techno LP

Weight 500 g
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