Rhythmically vibrating, ears are wide open, full attention.


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As a first listen it was 2 am, 46∞ in a village Portugal, in a Convent, after a good night out. That moment stroke me from being magic, the energy was perfect, we were laughing and relaxing amongst friends. That listen was pushing the magic further because of the surprises it has all along the journey. A first groaning Ö A simple rhythm Ö Soft realms Ö Noisy Ö Round sounds. Type machine sounds, of a sampled hi hat that never reveals, cut cut cut cut. Just because itís fun to not reveal it. And put that fist cut part of the upcoming timber that is not ëyetí one. Itís like if the drum pack was used the wrong way, which is a great way. Flipping. (=to flip something) Belp has this ability to bring the most horrible samples in front, and turn over your mind to enjoy what first sounds like ìhorribleî. Facade. ìCrocodileî is flipping it over. Rhythmically vibrating, ears are wide open, full attention. Iím into the non-repetition. Track ìCrocodileîs call reminds me of the call in ìKlabbî by Deena Abdelwahed as well as within its playful change of tempo, of notes. Who cares? The album is like a randomly composed pack. It is not random. Itís flipping something, and I like that disturbance, it’s what I want to hear. It is alive, through composition, arrangements, falsely randomised, non-arranged, it is a trick; it is the drunk clown playing ìendless preparations for a ceremonyî and ìcatchî. Not bothering about anything reveals a deep understanding of music and of arts, A crafted album in details. It is years of listening, it is years of challenging ones ears, and putting it all together in this piece. It feels like the producer enjoys disturbing his own ears as much as other pplís ears. Playful, Energising, Demands attention Challenging your ears somewhere where nothing is constant, lively. But overall letís not forget the real stuff, the bass and soulful part. The round groove is still there. Each track transmits Belpís open mindness to all type of music, whatever makes sense. It just all makes sense, itís a strong critic, itís a joke, itís emotion, itís playful, itís fucked up. All musical ‘styles’ are touched. Maybe it is a compilation? It is about rethinking “music”, And not giving a fuck, Although with still having an incredibly musical ear to all of it. Just listen, this might be one of your best lessons to stop giving a fuck about everything you do.

Release Info
Title Crocodile
Artist BELP
Label Jahmoni Music
Cat.-No. JMM-214
Format 12”
Condition New

Specification: Crocodile

Weight 250 g
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