Uelden / Doua Dimensiune

u_stretch 08

Setting the listener into two very distinctive paths.

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It is no exaggeration to say that Ultrastretch has accumulated an array of outstanding releases and artists since its creation in 2011. One knows that being as renown a representative of the underground music scene as Sammy Dee is, he can easily sign music from any established artist he would like, the so called ‘big names’, however, when we look at the past seven releases on Ultrastretch, the agenda here seems to be another. What has become an apparent and admirable feature of this label/platform and of Sammy Dee himself is his clear support for new music from young and yet to be discovered talents. It is on that note that Ultrastretch 08 brings you Romanian artist Crihan.
Hailing from a small town close to Cluj, Alin Crihan moved to Bucharest in 2009 to be more in touch with the underground scene and music in the capital as it poses more opportunities for him to grow and develop. From dj’ing in the most various clubs in his home country, his first steps into Western Europe as a DJ came earlier last year at no less than the legendary Robert Johnson club alongside Petre Inspirescu in Frankfurt.
Producing under his real name for the past four years, Crihan’s release for Ultrastretch brings two tracks, setting the listener into two very distinctive paths.
The A Side, ‘Uelden’ is a dance floor oriented track. The first words to come to mind are groove and rhythm, giving the track a somewhat funky feeling overall. The elements have been crafted carefully and therefore appropriately placed just where and when you need them. By simply starting the track with a bass line and shuffling hihats he slowly develops to a journey that not onlyventures further into groove and rhythm but also in mind grabbing harmonies with deep/airy sounding pads giving it a comforting sense of beauty and obscurity.
The B Side is called ‘A Doua Dimensiune’, literally translated from Romanian it means ‘The Second Dimension’. Doing justice to the title the track does generate the feeling of being in another dimension. It is a very deep affair into mind-altering soundscapes, very atmospheric and at times dark and obscure. Attention to detail is apparent judging by the overlayering of elements featured in this track. A constant rolling base formed of ‘water tapping’ ambient sounds give way to harmonies made up of strings and random noises on top.

Release Info
Title Uelden / Doua Dimensiune
Artist Crihan
Label Ultrastretch
Cat.-No. u_stretch 08
Format 12”
Condition New

Specification: Uelden / Doua Dimensiune

Weight 250 g
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