DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess
Saturate The Market, Now!


Pinballs between pumping outsider house, brilliantly weird acid and musique concrete experiments.


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Are you ready to take your turn now? asks a mischievous voice at the beginning of DJ Marcelleís new album. But by this point you donít have a choice: you better buckle up for a joyride through the wild, unpredictable imagination of a true electronic music auteur. Saturate The Market, Now! is stuffed with the kind of raw, rhythmic workouts and playful humour we´ve come to know and love from the long-serving Dutch artist. Letís start with the music: Marcelle pinballs between pumping outsider house, brilliantly weird acid and musique concrete experiments where anything could happen at any given time. Then there are her famous track titles, which take another aim at nightclub patriarchy (Technicians And Their Light Effects, the successor to last year’s ‘Technicians And Their Smoke Machines’) at the same time as displaying a keen sense of satire ( Fell In My Own Cesspit!) and revealing a difficult relationship with the sour, massive rock that for her is ëGerman Breadí. With artwork featuring a collage of puppets found in her Amsterdam house and Marcelleís own on-the-road photography, this is yet another album that sets her a mile apart from the paint-by-numbers dance music producers – or ìaccountantsî as sheís witheringly described them.
Marcelle arrived via punk, post-punk, avant garde and dub and lives by the independent, forward-thinking spirit inherent in those scenes. A sense of freedom is imbued in her work, unsurprising given that this album was written in two weeks and was made entirely on her own collection of machines (save a few choice vocal samples). Itís Marcelleís eighth vinyl-only release for Jahmoni Music from Munich and follows on from last yearís ëOne Place For The First Timeí which swiftly sold-out and is now onto a repress. The vinyl is released alongside a 10î featuring extended and dub versions of triumphant album-cut ëEverything Not Yetí.
So are you sitting comfortably? Well Marcelle would prefer if you werenít. Because this is music for misfits to move to. The very opposite of business techno. A missive from a cult DJ with an enviable record collection and a fearless artist who couldnít give a flying fuck about dance music norms. Saturate the market with pure energy ñ letís do this! By Seb Wheeler, Mixmag

Release Info
Title Saturate The Market, Now!
Artist DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess
Label Jahmoni Music
Cat.-No. JMM-220
Format LP
Condition New

Specification: Saturate The Market, Now!

Weight 250 g
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