Foehn & Jerome

u_stretch 09

The new generation rising making justice to what Ultrastretch stands for.


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As much as, in modern days, it has become increasingly difficult to pin things down to a specific genre this release brings very defined genres but also a refreshing feature, a constant change of energy in one single track, and most importantly, it all comes with this modern feel to it which indicates it is the new generation rising making justice to what Ultrastretch stands for, surfacing fresh and new talents. Signed by Austrian duo Foehn & Jerome.
The A side is of the EP consists of the genius idea that it is a relatively simple track, however, with the feel that so much is happening, the type when you listen to a loop but one you can listen to forever and not get tired of it, always the best sign. A rolling and constant bassline makes it into a super fat and rounded dancefloor groover, while on top you have these fragments of chopped up vocal samples in and out creating a sense of confusion, a mind drilling element is then complemented by very loose and fine hihats floating around.
On the B side starts with quirky minimal track with a galloping kick throughout, when the open hihats slam in with a vocal it quickly develops into a very happy and playful housy vibe and just when you are riding, the clap slams in now on a tighter hat sequence followed by the break and rebuilding, when it comes back however it adds another element changing the energy yet again, through introducing a synthline. The quirky frog sounding noises throughout certainly makes it a super witty track overall.

Release Info
Title Thyme/Cumin
Artist Foehn & Jerome
Label Ultrastretch
Cat.-No. u_stretch 09
Format 12”
Condition New

Specification: Thyme/Cumin

Weight 250 g
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