Marc Oller


Debut release by Marc Oller. “‘Recel’ reclaims the heritage of people with millennial knowledge who have been forgotten.”


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The people of the forests will continue to resist. They can’t go on being ignored, spending their lives pushed out of the way. The “whites” believe they know better, ignoring a millennial heritage of knowledge and diversity.

‘Recel’ is many things at once. On the one hand, it represents the culmination of Marc’s sonic experiments, trying to combine different elements to find his own voice, which makes him unique.

In ‘Recel’ you will hear electronic club sounds with a slower tempo accompanied by Brazilian percussion and melodic tonalities sampled from different places.

Found sounds and field recordings are also a defining element of the album; indigenous Brazilians celebrate their dances and traditions by singing, dancing and transmitting their knowledge in the Tupi language.

Created for listening in one go, the album seamlessly links each track to ignite an attention-grabbing atmosphere.

The message is clear; supposedly superior cultures have underestimated many people with millenary traditions and knowledge for centuries. This toxic attitude has brought us to an extreme situation. The planet is in danger, and today, more than ever, it is necessary to vindicate these people who have known how to live in harmony with nature.

Release Info
Title Recel
Artist Marc Oller
Label Amatori
Cat.-No. AMA02
Format MC
Condition New

Specification: Recel

Weight 100 g
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