Mono Junk and Melody Boy 2000 is back with another fine EP of some of his greatest tracks.


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Finish techno pioneer and DUM records boss Kimmo Rapatti aka Mono Junk and Melody Boy 2000 is back with another fine EP of some of his greatest tracks. All three have been released before now, but never all together on the same EP.
A1 Sound Stealer was released in 2007 under the Melody Boy 2000 alias and since then has been hugely sought after, often fetching high prices on Discogs. It is a high impact techno track with racing drums and chattery percussion that will take any floor by storm. A2 All Alone, again as Melody Boy 2000, has only been released on CD before now, as part of a label compilation back in 2002. This one is deep and rubbery, spaced out and elastic and is full of moodiness and melody.
Both b-side tracks were written as Mono Junk and both were written in 1992. First up, Apache Acid came on vinyl own Music Man and is a face melting, hundred miler per hour banger with manic 303s buried within. Finally, ‘Beyond the Darkness’ was a key early techno track to come from Finland and has previously been released on DUM010. Says the artist of the track, “an Ensoniq ASR-10 arrived on the market and [studio engineer] Perttu bought it right away, but I never liked to use sounds that someone else had made. We sampled the track’s bassline, strings and others from my JX-3P separately and mixed it all together.” The result is an atmospheric track with swirling pads, icy synths and form drums that will make people march, no doubt.

Release Info
Title B-Sides
Artist Melody Boy 2000 / Mono Junk
Label DUM Records
Cat.-No. DUM036
Format 12″
Condition New

Specification: B-Sides

Weight 250 g
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