Roger 23
Four Hallucinating House Figures

Enters the deepest realms of house music with the help of the one and only Roger 23.

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Neurhythmics once again enters the deepest realms of house music with the help of the one and only Roger 23.
Roger’s pedigree as an artist is unquestionable having released tracks on Playhouse, Swayzak’s Volt Musik imprint and Meakusma amongst others.
Here he delivers arguably his strongest and most retro infused set of jams to date for the label that knows no boundaries when it comes to deep grooves.
Opener ‘Optical Tjeck’ is a bumping, overtly Chicago influenced cut with rough-edged kicks and a springy bassline that jumps in all the right places. Edited moments of bleeped-out interest keep things moving onwards and upwards with a loose approach to structure that makes it all the more fluid.
‘Capital Theme’ rediscovers the joy of the lo-fi bassline with Casio clicks and claves and an emphatic set of synth chords that sweep throughout giving the track a clear cut emphasis on the melodic. Yet for all that, the beats are irresistible and the tight programming and ever-changing percussion will make this a sure fire hit.
Flip to the B-side for some serious squelch in the form of ‘L.a.d.’ which features an almost tangibly elastic series of sounds with a snare roll that Farley Jackmaster would be proud of. The rawest of styles, but with a contemporary edge to the production that will press all the right buttons. Coupled with a slowed-down, deeply sinister vocal in the most pure Chicago style this is a club killer and no mistake.
Finishing up the EP comes ‘Transcendental State’ which moves in a familiar, yet strangely unexpected direction. After some wicked 808 percussion to begin with a sliced chord and synth breathe an air of freshness and melody into the drum patterns making for an uplifting gem of a track. Once again Roger’s ability to vary the arrangements and pattern structure mean this is full of surprises at every turn. All of them nice and all of them bound to please on the dancefloor.
Neurhythmics once again brings you the finest house and techno transmissions from the underground.

Release Info
Title Four Hallucinating House Figures
Artist Roger 23
Label Neurhythmics
Cat.-No. NR13
Format 12”
Condition New

Specification: Four Hallucinating House Figures

Weight 250 g
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