Room With A View Pt.1


Conclusive and consequent EP


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The first release of the Label “Baud” from Roger23, who until now was at home at Playhouse and Volt Musik, but also shined with his contribution to the Rüts-series on Meakusma.

“Room with a View Pt.1” is a very conclusive and consequent EP, but never seems trivial. Side A, „Conversation“, is an exceptional piece of music, for which the expression „opus“ would be more appropriate. In more than 10 minutes Roger builds the vision of an urban techno opera. Carried by a number of chord sequences and a driving groove, “Conversation” surrounds the listener with powerful sounds. A deep and pumping bass provides the pulse, while the chords build up, turn into breaks, oscillate and “choke”. The magic of this piece unfolds through the dimension of the sound, which almost can be caught through the echo. “Conversation” wants to be celebrated and rebelliously danced to.

The flip-side offers the title track of the EP (“Room with a View Pt.1”), which globally concentrates on the groove. Almost every sound serves to complete the rhythmic theme. The piece builds up a lot of tension with short and reversed sounds, until the first base drum hits shortly after the minute mark to connect them. So to speak, the big break is at the beginning. Then the rhythmic elements increase and each one changes the emphasis of the groove, to complement the interaction. A rough techno groove, that shows it’s abilities on the dance floor, emerges.

An atmospheric and beat less piece with the pragmatic name “Ambient I” rounds off the overall impression of the EP. Chords serve as the base, which remind of brass instruments in sound and brilliance and transport an optimistic mood into the harmonies. Overall “Ambient I” is kept minimalistic and primarily builds on 2 basic themes, which change in a subtle manner, and gain depth through the use of effects. Ruminant moments may occur through the relative calmness. This track could serve as a signal in the mix, or mark a new beginning to musical realms.

Release Info
Title Room With A View Pt.1
Artist Roger23
Label Baud Music
Cat.-No. Baud01
Format 12″
Condition New

Specification: Room With A View Pt.1

Weight 250 g
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