The influence of the twin cities of Chicago and Detroit.

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Neurhythmics is proud to present the next instalment in its musical voyage through House, featuring Stephen Collins and Remote_.
Whilst both artists use the influence of the twin cities of Chicago and Detroit, they manage to remain musically distinct from each other, yet keep the groove at the heart of the tracks.
Stephen Collins’ ‘No Set Beat’ is a pure stripped down jam with a serious flavour. Instantly familiar, yet produced in the most contemporary of styles, the track rolls out with a jacking beat and bumpy bass that’s aimed firmly at the floor. A spoken vocal informs us that ‘there is no set beat…’ alluding to the varied and ever-changing sounds and styles in the genre.
True to the title this track uses edits and fluid changes between percussion styles and tones while providing a fierce, heads-down beat that locks you in and never lets go. Old-school is the vibe, certainly, but the tightness of the programming and clarity of production allow it to stand tall with the best in the field.
Remote_’s previous low-key work has given fans of true depth and pure simplicity something to savour time after time. Remote_ delivers music from the heart without pretension or the need to pander to scenes or sounds. With that in mind, the two tracks featured here are as techno as they are house, harking back to the days when the two genres were inseparable.
‘Chasing Innocence’ is the more groovy, traditionally ‘house’ sounding of the two with a flat analogue bassline and Rhodes licks combining with a skipping beat to give the track energy and flow. Strings Of Life-esque high notes sit over the track adding a tonal change to the low-end feel.
The mysteriously titled ‘AWNH’ gets an edit for the EP but it still retains its feel as a full journey through melodic techno. As much a dancefloor piece as it is a listening track, AWNH delivers an uplifting dose of Detroit the way it should be. Those soaring strings, the clattering 909 percussion, the simple but insistent bass. All of this is joined by an arpeggio that reaches for the sky and a lovely change into an acid bassline towards the end.
Stephen Collins: New artist, heavily inspired by pure club sounds with a healthy nod to the old-school of Chicago and Detroit.
Remote_: Previous releases on Meanwhile, Styrax, Millions Of Moments, Smallfish, U-Cover, 12k, Other Heights and Concentrated People. Underground artist with no agenda or particular allegiance to anything other than depth.

Release Info
Title Saveur Secrete
Artist Stephen Collins & Remote
Label Neurhythmics
Cat.-No. NR11
Format 12”
Condition New

Specification: Saveur Secrete

Weight 250 g
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