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Four tracks with emotional depth that create a powerful pressure on your chest.


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For the second release on his young label, Code Is Law, Moerbeck has brought together four producers who all in different ways converge on the idea of “Wolves”. Eomac demonstrates his exquisite sense for harmonies, Sawf spirals into the convolutions of your brain with his vocal track on “System” and the newcomers Janzon and Hound Scales slip in their take on industrial sounds. Four tracks with emotional depth that create a powerful pressure on your chest that you can’t evade. … the wolves are coming.
The wolf as mystical creature, his idealisation as an isolated, artist of survival or his transcendence beyond the pack as collective structure all lend themselves to highly diverse interpretation. A snarling wolf in comic book style is emblazoned on the cover, provided by friends and fellow artists Drik the Villain (Death Graff) and Cop 81 (Death Graff). Moerbeck selected the four track titles himself which each embodying a unique standpoint from which to view the contribute and their own ways of seeing. It has turned out well for the label owner to unite these different artists, for they blend harmoniously into the over-arching theme of the release. Eomac, also half of the duo Lakker next to his solo project, demonstrates anew his equisite sense for harmonies and lays atop the dry drumming in “Myth of Origins” a melodie that contributes to the track’s pathos, without seeming overdone. For Stuttgart’s Janzon this is his very first release. His track “Run with the Pack” picks up the tempo and unleashes its force right out of the loop. Just like with the other tracks on this realease and with those on codeislaw001: this is techno for listening, with the greatest value placed on emotional depths and harmonies, all the while maintaining dance floor functionality. Sawf pumps in an endless loop and the Athenian drapes “System” over his droney modulations like a mantra.
Hound Scales brings in industiral-esque sounds on “Scent of Flesh”. The Brooklyn producer manages to create a track that generates an unsettling atmosphere, the exact origin of which remains concealed to the listener. You can only sense it … the wolves are coming.

Release Info
Title Wolves
Artist Various Artists
Label Code Is Law
Cat.-No. codeislaw002
Format 12″
Condition New

Specification: Wolves

Weight 250 g
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